Hello, my name is Victor Enos (DJ Vic), founder and owner of Accent Entertainment.  I would like to take a moment to share with you a little bit about myself and my company, Accent Entertainment.  I have been a professional Disc Jockey since 1978, keeping the Tri-State area (Delaware, Pennsylvania & New Jersey) & Maryland dancing.  One of my mottos is "A DJ can make or break your event!"  Don't gamble with just anyone.  We have proven our services time and time again and have the references and testimonials to back it up.  Remember, we offer superior entertainment services in just about every way possible.  That's why I call my Company Accent Entertainment.  We are extremely professional, using the most up to date equipment.

We have just under 62,000 songs in our music library, and over 100,000 Karaoke Songs .  We also receive the most current radio-edited hits every month. This enables us to have the most up to date clean music at all times.

We only work with laptop computers instead of CD players.

A little bit about myself.  I started my career at 16 years old in a skating rink located in Delaware County, PA known as Skate Odyssey.  I continued working other small locations building my entertaining skills, music library, and my professional approach.  I started my own company, Accent Entertainment, in 1992 when I came to Delaware. Since then I have expanded my staff .  I am self-motivated, honest, trustworthy, and fair.  I am the type of person who will go out of their way to accommodate my clients.  I always look for ways to make it easier for them to enjoy their event.